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Fertibella Information

Hay ladies. I know a lot of u have been wonderin about fertibella – like does it work, will it work 4 u, how to take it, etc….

I just found a website where u can ask obgyns all your questions about the fertility aid + order it too.

Check it: http://www.ConceiveEasy.comĀ 

Best of all, the newer kits they come out wit have a thermometer and chart to do the tracking of yo own cycles!!





Feelin Good

So far, so good… no side fx with this fertibella… feelin frisky… periods r reglar…think its workin? may b…

Word Up!

Here’s da deal. My boi and i have been wantin a baby for sooooo long. Ppl say im too young bc im only 18 or whatev, but we are s0o0 ready!! im sick of all these haters judgin me. Ricky and me are in love. isn’t that enuff? I had a abortion when I was 16 so im afraid it might be messsin up my chances of having another. we been tryin for 5 months already and nuthin is happenin so im pretty freaked out……