Ovulatin, Baby Makin

Baby dance… hope you ready ricky! lol..

  1. Mimi says:

    ewwww der are jus some thangs sisters do NOT need 2 knoe!

  2. Elie Stealson says:

    I found your weblog web site on google and check a handful of of your early posts. Thanks for the inspiring sh*t. Im ttc right now. Fertilaid hasnt worked for me, so i think i will try this instead.

  3. Kimberly Funt says:

    Cool, girl. This is a good blog about ttc. When I was ttc last yr it seemed like i was the only 1. But now I am seeing more + more ppl.

  4. Timika Foose says:

    Oh thanks! I was wondering what a + ovulation test result looks like. I got the fertibella kit last week and i had no idea if i was doin right or not.

  5. fertility question ??? says:

    I didn’t have a period for almost2 yrs due to an eating disorder. Luckily, I snapped out of it and got my period back in Sept. My boyfriend and I have been trying since then with no luck. I’m really hoping Feritbella works for us! I’m also hoping that there are no serious side effects. What do u think?

  6. Catherina Bertolino says:

    There is so much mixed messages online with fertility products. Do you notice too? Thank you so much for telling the truth! May God bless the faithful few! K

  7. Nicole Reading says:

    Why does it take so long for certain girls to get pregnant? I have been trying for so long. This blog made me want to try a fertility aid. I hate to admit I need help, but I’ve been reading a lot about this supplement and it seems to help speed up conception… so maybe I will give it a go!

  8. rochelle says:

    ty for posting this, i was wondering what a + test result lookd like. im on month 2 wit fertibella and just deceided to try the testing.

  9. Corine says:

    Nice site. My sister just ordered a fertibella kit so I was wondering about the ingredients and success rates and stuff.

  10. Adrian says:

    Fertibella rules!

  11. Kim says:

    how do you know if your ovulating? do these fertibella tests work?

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