We R Blessed

fertibellaWe are truly blessed. My familys just so dang important to me, i get weepy just thinking about it. I dont really come back her often, but I jus wanna say THANK THA LORD for fertibella and all dat baby dust that wuz sprinkled my way… thank for all the blessings… and thank you 4 our health. That is all, rlly.



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  1. Keyon says:

    Great isignht. Relieved. I’m in the same boat as you ttc w/ fertibella.

  2. Aniyah says:

    Omgggggg ur baby is soooooo cuuuuuute! I came across yo blog lookin for info about fertibella and I have to say, the real honest stories are the best. I’m gonna go order sum for myself.

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