Feelin Desprite

Im so sick of buying preg tests and getting all these negatives. My girl Kiki is havin a baby. it seems like everybodys havin a baby but me. i tease Ricky all the time, sayin maybe he aint got it goin on! Why does it have to be my fault? f! Any1 know what I can do? 
  1. Kiki says:

    Thanx for the shoutout! <3 you! Ur time will come, grrl… real soon! Maybe your man ain't got it goin on, lol. Tell him to stop packin the heat so close to his wee!

  2. fertilitytreatmentreports.com says:

    Shush girl, you sick! This ain’t no laughin matter! Only I can joke about that sheet, geez.

  3. lakiki says:

    Thank you for sharing. Not so many people are so honest about their feelings. It is soo hard to be cursed with infertility. I pray to GOD this Fertibella works. I’m on day 8 now.

  4. Eva Hopeful says:

    I’ve been taken fertibella since jun.18 I’ve been ttc for 3yrs. So need a miracle *crossing fingers*

  5. Gerrie says:

    i just recieved my package today =) so hopefully i finally get luck…although i am not going to get my hopes up :( it would be a miracle if it worked for me lets pray for us all. Love your blog.

  6. webcam wendy says:

    Have a happy and prosperous New Year. May the blessings of the Lord enrich your family and friends, not only in wealth but in health, love and happiness.

  7. Libra says:

    i dont understand these preg tests. i need to go back 2 school or sumthin. I don’t think its ferteballa’s fault. I am just a dumass!

  8. electric toothbrush says:

    omggg i knoe what u mean. i was having the same despration w/ my bf. it turned out we BOTH had fertility isssues to deal wit. he took whatev from his dr, i took fertibella, and we made it happent ho.

  9. ayn says:

    ommgggg i want a baby soooo bad. i hope this fertibella works like you say it do. mine jus came in the mail 2 wks ago.

  10. Jacob says:

    My gf ordered that fertibella stuff a couple months ago. She says it realy helps with her hormonse.

  11. Ell says:

    i been on fertibella for approx 7 wks. so far, i feel frisky… got my AF once, very regular.. my bf and i have been tryin for almost a year!!! he already has a kid but we want 1 together soooo bad. i hope it works.

  12. Clarissa says:

    great. congratulations. i just ordered my fertibella samples. my coworker only took them 3 months before her bfp.

  13. Lisa says:

    your post is really good and informative. i’m surprised that your blog has not gotten more comments. i would like to try fertibella to get pregnant faster too.

  14. Lucienne says:

    Great post, really enjoyed it! I am ttc after a miscarriage and it is very difficult, emotionally. It helps to read stories of women who have it all figured out. I just ordered the supplement for myself!
    — Lucienne

  15. Reese says:

    Thank you, I’ve been looking for reviews of fertibella after hearing about it on a few ttc message boards. It sounds pretty legit. How is it different then fertilaid or fertilitea?

    • Tasha says:

      Im not sure about those other ones. They are all fertility suppliments, but I chose to do this one because there were lotsa women who vouched for how good it was. The ingredients are natural. There are no side effects on it. It was affordable. All these things i looked at.

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