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Lordy Lordy

My mama overhead me talkin bout sendin back those bottles to get the pills for free and she reminded me that God is always watchin what we do…. an she said it would probly be a bad omen if i was dishonest about it and lied to say it didn t work, you kno? i dont wanna be messin wit fate when it comes to this baby, so im just gonna call and tell dem it worked and make sure they dont send me any more.mama’s always rigt. honesty’s tha best policy.

Ovulatin, Baby Makin

Baby dance… hope you ready ricky! lol..

Feelin Good

So far, so good… no side fx with this fertibella… feelin frisky… periods r reglar…think its workin? may b…

Im Doin It

K, so i ordered the feertiballa. Im gonna try it. They say theres a free trial right now n.e.way, so ill get a few months of free stuff and if i dont like it i can just send it back and they wont charge me. it comes with free pregnancy and ovulation tests too. ill probly just dump the pills out and send the empty bottles back so i can get it for free, lol.  

Yall Heard?

Yall heard of Fertibella?

This is supposed to help me get preggers but its $70 or whatev… .but if it works its totally worth it…

Feelin Desprite

Im so sick of buying preg tests and getting all these negatives. My girl Kiki is havin a baby. it seems like everybodys havin a baby but me. i tease Ricky all the time, sayin maybe he aint got it goin on! Why does it have to be my fault? f! Any1 know what I can do? 

Sick of Dis SHIIIIIT!

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh why ain’t i gttin preggersssss?

Word Up!

Here’s da deal. My boi and i have been wantin a baby for sooooo long. Ppl say im too young bc im only 18 or whatev, but we are s0o0 ready!! im sick of all these haters judgin me. Ricky and me are in love. isn’t that enuff? I had a abortion when I was 16 so im afraid it might be messsin up my chances of having another. we been tryin for 5 months already and nuthin is happenin so im pretty freaked out……